Just like the real world, many video games tend to reflect the biggest religious differences between people belonging to different cultures. Although many video gamers often don’t pay too much attention to the religious elements appearing in video games, it seems that video game developers don’t mind including such elements from time to time.

Atheistic, Monotheistic, And Polytheistic Religious

So, we can find video games that feature completely atheistic storytelling as well as video games full of pagan symbols. There’s not a rule or a fixed scheme for developing storytelling with religious elements. It seems that it’s more about the developer’s choice. Just to get a clue about this topic, you may want to check this Japanese site at rpggames which is video game-dedicated and particularly useful to keep updated on the latest video game trends and news.

  1. Along with video games where you can’t find any religious symbol or line of thought, there are also pretty numerous game titles that feature a clearly monotheistic world. Just to mention one, War Hammer 40k offers an interesting mix between monotheism and other religions. If you want another video game title, consider Emperor of Mankind that has a monotheistic structure that resembles medieval Catholicism.
  2. Probably, the most impressive and charming video games are those with polytheistic elements. That’s because they call back to the ancient times of Druids and Celts whose religion was full of magic symbols, weird legends, inexplicable storytelling. Imagine for a while a video game set in the Dragon Age. You get the idea, we’re pretty sure. The Dragon Age is one of those very ancient epochs where people believed in a spectrum of gods and gave each god a specific field of action. So, you could have the god of thunders, the god of waters, the god of trees, and a thousand more. In a nutshell, everyone could wake up in the morning and come up with a new god to add to their community’s pagan pantheon.
  3. Paganism may look like an ensemble of fancy elements. It’s not too hard to imagine that game developers can find in pagan religions a lot of diversification in religious elements to take and use in their video games. Fantasy worlds aren’t actually related to the real world, which offers game developers plenty of space where they can draw useful inspirational ideas for embellishing their video games.
  4. Video games built in historical settings are certainly more connected to the real world as they are made as a reflection on what really happened in a specific epoch. One of the most typical video game of this genre is Crusader Kings II which is mainly packed with monotheistic religions existed in Europe between 8th and 15th centuries.
  5. There’s also one more video game genre that conjugates both science fiction and religion. Such games tend to depict science as a new religion although the message may not be too clearly revealed in any video game of the genre. Science and scientific invention are often given a relevant role in the game story, to the point of becoming decisive for the video gamer to win the game. These video games appear to be a more recent product than the previous video games that we’ve mentioned above as science is often accompanied by technology.

Main Video Game Titles Affected By Religions

Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

We’ve already mentioned a few important video games in the previous paragraph according to the kind of religion we were discussing. Here, we want to show you a quick list of main video game titles that look clearly and deeply permeated with religious elements and symbols:

  1. Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness
    This is a computer game released in 1994. It’s an educational adventure game with a Christian superhero, Captain Bible, who has to fight against a cybernetic enemy.
  2. Spiritual Warfare
    Released in 1990, this computer game feature a Christian protagonist who uses a series of weapons to defeat the army of Satan. It’s an action-adventure game that might recall The Legend of Zelda for its rich imagery of religious elements.
  3. Red Sea Crossing
    It first appeared in 1983, set in one of the most known Bible’s events, when Moses lead Hebrew people out of Egypt and they crossed the Red Sea guided by God. It’s currently valued as one of the best-sellers for the Atari 2600.

If you are interested in diving into the video games that made history, you should also check other titles like Bible Adventures (1991), Defender of the Faith (1992), Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land (1993), and a lot of other computer games from the 90s.

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