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AFA Gothar are religious leaders to our Folk

These positions are ones of leadership and service to our church.  As such, they  inherently bear many responsibilities, such as leading marriage ceremonies, funerary rites, naming ceremonies, land takings, coming of age rites, and other rituals for our community.  Gothar also organize AFA and community events, assist with the formation of new kindreds, provide counseling services, and educating those not familiar with our tradition. Gothar often engage in many other forms of public service that are generally expected of Clergy in this day and age. This is not an easy responsibility, but it is an honorable path. AFA Gothar, recognized as Ordained Clergy, carry weight in most states and regions, having legal rights and legal recognition for ceremonies performed and services rendered to their community due to the direct support and association with the AFA, which is a religious, non-profit organization.

Matt Flavel
Matthew Flavel, Alsherjargothi

About the Gothar Program

The curriculum is an in-depth study, organized in a collaborative style that is akin to the time-tested apprentice-mentor dynamic, and so each year a mentor is granted to facilitate the learning experience for each new student. Through the course of the program, the student can expect reading and composition assignments, regularly scheduled phone and/or video conferences, educational discourses, ritual performances before leadership, spiritual tasks and assignments, testing, and more. The propriety, professionalism, patience, timeliness, dependability, communication skills, and aptitude of each student are under constant review throughout the curriculum. It is important to remember that students can and have failed the program by not maintaining the aforementioned to a high and acceptable standard. Upon graduation, new Clergy are required to fulfill an obligation to the program, such as mentoring a new student. AFA Goðar are expected to remain active with the AFA, online, at AFA events, and in their local region.

Blaine Qualls, Jr.
Blaine Qualls, Jr., Gothar Coordinator

Gothar Qualifications

The AFA Gothar Program is designed for those who already give their time and service to the Folk.  As of 2020, application to the Gothar program is only open to AFA Folkbuilders.  this ensures that our Gothar have already put in work building our church and have shown the concern for our AFA family that is the foundation of leadership and service this program is build upon.  Gothar need to be contributing members of society, and be able to maintain a professional and well-composed demeanor at all times.

Gothar of the AFA

Allen Turnage
Thorgrun Odden
Bryan Wilton
Allen Turnage, Florida
Thorgrun Odden, California
Bryan Wilton, Oklahoma
Michael Hunter
Steven Morrell
Michael Hunter, California
Steven Morrell, Alaska
Anna Funk
Catherine Erickson
Sheila McNallen
Anna Funk, Minnesota
Catherine Erickson, Pennsylvania
Sheila McNallen, California

Svan Herul, Virginia