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To rally the Men and Women who comprise our Folk, the Sons and Daughters of Europe, wherever they may be, to come together for a common spiritual purpose, and to do so in a manner which inspires confidence- this is the mission of our Leadership. The Asatru Folk Assembly has undergone some changes, an evolution if you will. Part of this evolution is a change in leadership and a change in the terminology used for some of our leaders. Our stance on the Folkish nature of Asatru and our position as the leading Folkish Asatru organization remains the same: Uncompromising.

Matt Flavel
Matthew Flavel, Alsherjargothi

One of the biggest changes was the passing of the duties and responsibilities of Alsherjargothi from Stephen McNallen to Matthew Flavel. The position of Alsherjargothi (Icelandic for “Chieftain of the people”) is one of not only leading those who make up the Asatru Folk Assembly but tending to the spiritual needs of those people and looking out for their interest. Such a job is daunting and, just as a President has a Cabinet, so Alsherjargothi Matthew Flavel has a great group of individuals to advise him. Our Ancestors relied on the council of wise Men and Women in all manner of things to ensure things ran smoothly.

Allen Turnage
Allen Turnage, Lawspeaker

The Witan, our own group of Wise Men, as well as our Lawspeaker, are there to help Matt out. Allen Turnage, with his wealth of knowledge regarding all things related to aspects of law and legalese, has stepped up to the plate as our Law Speaker and to provide Matt and the AFA with the best legal advice we can get. The original role of the Law Speaker was to memorize and know all aspects of the law pertaining to the tribe or group of people who they represented. Allen is also here to help us stay on track by ensuring that we not only abide by the laws of the land, but stick to our own AFA laws: The Declaration of Purpose, Law of the Hall, and our Statement of Ethics.

Clifford Erickson
Clifford Erickson

Rounding out our Leadership Team is Clifford Erickson. Witan is derived from the Old English “Witangemot” (Meeting of Wise Men). They are there to provide counsel, wisdom, and guidance on all things relating to the AFA. Together, these fine Gentlemen will provide us with outstanding leadership, direction, and purpose as we continue on this new chapter of AFA history.