New Apprentice Folkbuilder

Please join me in welcoming Cody Raynard of Virginia as the AFA’s newest Apprentice Folkbuilder representing the Upper South Region. The Upper South is on fire these days and with Þórshof, our regional leaders will really benefit from Cody’s help.

Thank you Cody for stepping up, this is how we accomplish great things.

Hail the Doers!
Hail Cody Raynard!
Hail the AFA!

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AFA Update (2002)

from AFA Update: May 2002
by Steven A. McNallen, Drighten

I’ve been watching the Asatru scene ever since…well, ever since there was an Asatru scene to watch…and I’ve come to yet another heretical conclusion:

I think we make too much of the warrior aspect of Asatru.

No one who knows me can claim that I am “anti-warrior.” Fourteen years in Army green, on both active duty and in the National Guard, should make it clear that pacifism is not part of my makeup. The God I follow is not noted for his softness, either. But as the years go by, it becomes clearer that there is so much more to Asatru than the rather stereotypical warrior image.

We all need the virtues of courage, a willingness to make a stand for the right, a readiness to sacrifice, and a sense of duty. These are some of the essentials for sound character and right behavior – but they are not traits reserved for warriors. One can live by all these values and never raise a hand in anger, nor wield a weapon.

Nevertheless, we do have warriors among us, men and women sworn to serve others at personal risk to themselves. Some of them are in law enforcement, others wear military uniform, still others put out fires or rappel out of helicopters on search-and-rescue missions. If you’re not in one of these professions, or not a martial artist, chances are you are not a warrior. And that’s okay. Most of us need summon warrior skills only in those rare situations where we may be attacked.

If you’ve been around many people in the “warrior professions,” you know that most of these folks are proud but soft-spoken, confident but not blustering. Yes, there are exceptions but most of them don’t spend a lot of time beating their chests and telling us how great they are.

Real warriors – or even just ordinary people trying to live the warrior virtues – are in a different class from some of the pseudo-warriors we see in Asatru. The sham warriors are closely related to both the “dress-up” phenomenon and the “I am a Viking” phenomenon. Put on funny clothes, pick up a sword, have a couple horns of mead and presto! – one warrior simulation, ready to go. Never mind that the pseudo in question has never served in uniform, can’t do twenty pushups, and would have a heart attack if made to run a mile! Never mind that he is so self-absorbed that the thought of serving others never crosses his mind!

Fortunately, there seem to be fewer of these folks every year. Maybe they grow up, or maybe they find the reenactment societies. Some of them turn into fine Asatruar when they realize they don’t have to act like they’re in the tenth century. Let’s all continue to encourage them in the right direction.

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Terry J. Rumph 4/13/1949 – 7/26/2020

Terry J. Rumph, or Mr. Terry as most of us called him, was a soft-spoken man of much wisdom and generosity. Most of us only had the honor of knowing him during his brief time in the AFA, but he touched the lives of our entire church in those short six years. 

Before he joined the AFA, Mr. Terry lived a full and eventful life of virtue, adventure, and service to both his nation and his community. 

He enlisted in the United States Army in May of 1967, serving three tours in South Vietnam. During these three deployments, he earned many decorations: Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Good Conduct Medal with two knots, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with one Silver Star and four Bronze Star Campaign devices, RVN Honor Medal 2nd Class, RVN Gallantry Cross Medal with Palm device, and the Vietnam Campaign Medal with 60s device. 

After returning home from one of the worst military conflicts in American history, Sergeant Rumph decided that he was not finished serving his people, and joined his local police department. Less details are known of his time in law enforcement, but it is known that he served honorably and had a positive, profound impact on many lives in his community. 

Once he concluded his time in law enforcement, Mr. Terry once again decided that he was still not done fighting for his people, and so he became one of the most devoted members of his local VFW(Veterans of Foreign Wars) branch. Warriors from all over the country knew who Sergeant Rumph was, just through his diligent work for the VFW. 

In March of 2014, Mr. Terry found his way to the Asatru Folk Assembly, and was so impressed by the sense of frith and community that he joined our church immediately and with high enthusiasm. This enthusiasm never waned even for a minute, no matter what health issues came his way. 

In March of 2020, at the AFA’s Ostara in the South, Ravensblood Kindred had the tremendous honor of oathing Mr. Terry into the kindred, as well as gifting him with the first Ravensblood banner that was ever made. He brought great honor and prestige to Ravensblood Kindred, and he will continue to do so even now that he has left Midgard. 

Mr. Terry often said that he hoped to live a life in the example of Tyr, and he absolutely accomplished that. There was not a single time in his adult life where he was not serving our Folk, and he never once let anything get in his way of that. 

Hail Sergeant Terry J. Rumph, may the road to his proud Ancestors be brief! 

Hail Sergeant Terry J. Rumph, may Tyr himself recognize this great warrior’s life lived honorably! 

Hail Sergeant Terry J. Rumph, may his name live on forever in our hearts and in our praises! 

“Death is not final until you are forgotten.”

We shall never forget you, sir. 

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Getting our SOUL back! (1993)

from The Runestone: Summer 1993 #4

In shamanic cultures the world over, when someone is lethargic, weak, and incapable of responding appropriately to his surroundings, it is assumed that he has lost his soul. It is up to the shaman to find it. This usually involves a dangerous trip to the underworld, with many magical obstacles to overcome and monsters to fight. The shaman makes the journey, recaptures the soul, and heals the afflicted individual. Any other treatments or medicines are supplementary. Without a soul, the patient will eventually die.

We in the industrialized West are in exactly this predicament. The only difference is that the patient is not an individual, but a very large group of people – almost everyone of European descent. It’s no secret that we have lost our will to defend ourselves. Popular culture insists that White men can’t jump, that classical literature should be abandoned because it was written by DWM’s (Dead White Males) and that we are generally just about the most rotten people on the planet. Even the slick news magazines gloatingly acknowledge our dispossession. Why the malaise? What has created the collapse of our collective immune system? What happened to our will to live?

We have lost our soul. No, not souls, but the singular soul of our people. But just what do we mean by that statement, and how do we regain this crucial essence?

Every group of genetically similar individuals has a collective unconscious that expresses their hopes, dreams, and experience. The Gods have a home there, and our innermost instincts and innate predispositions flow from the mighty rivers that guard it’s borders. It’s our true “home acres”, the odal lands bequeathed to us by our forefathers and foremothers.

On the whole we’ve lost touch with this magical place. It still exists somewhere, but we can’t effectively tap into it, or at least not to the extend we need. Our spiritual pathways are blocked so only the smallest trickle of life-giving holiness can get through from this wondrous realm. No longer able to believe in our ancestral wisdom, we are unable to believe in ourselves. Without a soul we are defenseless. Our lethargy is unshakable. Bereft of self respect we acquiesce in our own extinction.

How do we solve the problem? By restoring the religion that is naturally ours – Asatru. We Asafolk are all shamans in a sense, able to touch the Gods. We are conduits by which our dieties can manifest in Midgard. Each time we honor the Gods, their power grows among us. When we remember our great heroes, the spiritual strength of these men and women shines more brightly. With every libation to Freya, every candle lit to Thor, every horn raised to Odin, those sacred traditions become more real, more charged with power. We are recreating the universe in each instant, in accordance with our Will. Those of us who love the Aesir and Vanir can reclaim our Folk soul. The burden is great, but there are many of us and we are determined.

It’s not a complicated thing; it’s easy. And we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission. We – that’s you and I – can start today. If we all do our part, the day will come when our Folk will awaken to the courage, the balance, and the will-to-power that springs from a healthy soul.

What have YOU done lately to bring us back to health?

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New Apprentice Folkbuilder

I am proud to introduce our newest Apprentice Folkbuilder, George Schindler. George will be Folkbuilding in the AFA’s Northeast Region out of Massachusetts. George has shown an amazing ability to connect with people and to bring folks together. With George on the team I am very excited to watch the New England area grow and thrive.

Hail the AFA Northeast!
Hail George Schindler!
Hail the Aesir!

Matthew D. Flavel
Asatru Folk Assembly

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Rebirth! (1992)

from The Runestone: Fall 1992 #1
by Steve McNallen

Five years ago Maddy and I unloaded the remains of the Asatru Free Assembly onto the shoulders of stalwarts like Valgard Murray, packed our bags and went to live in a semi-ghost town high in the mountains of California. THE RUNESTONE, which had played such a vital role in bringing Asatru to America, died after 15 years – and we went on to new lives.

The years that followed saw a lot of changes. I shaved my beard and joined the National Guard. We lived in a tiny cabin above the snowline, chopping our firewood and fluming water into the house directly from a mountain spring. Since we needed a profession, we went to night school and earned teaching credentials. Armed with our new certificates, we got teaching jobs and settled into the routine task of earning a living. For excitement, I wrote articles for military magazines based on visits to Tibetan resistance fighters in India and guerrillas in Burmese jungles.

All this time, we had never forgot the Gods or the movement we had helped pioneer. Word reached us in our mountain fastness that the Cause was doing well. Valgard, by heroic effort, welded together the Asatru Alliance, and all over the country Asatru groups and publications emerged from the ruins of the AFA. We came to believe that our dissolving of the old structure had been a good thing, because it allowed others to take the initiative without being overshadowed by the edifice we had all erected. True, the new standard bearers didn’t always do things the way we would have – but that was okay. Asatru was alive and thriving, and that’s what we had wanted.

To a large extent, we still feel that way. It was time for something new to happen. We have no intention of rebuilding the elaborate structure that characterized the AFA. You won’t get Guilds, membership, gatherings, or kindreds from us. What we DO offer is a dynamic, evolutionary view of Asatru based on almost a quarter century of experience and practice.

I will never forget the joy of producing the first issue of THE RUNESTONE, in an apartment in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1972. It had as I recall, all of eleven readers. This humble publication grew to become, in my own admittedly biased opinion, the backbone of Asatru in America. It is now reborn. Like all reincarnations, it is not identical with it’s former self; this new being has it’s own fate to fulfill. It will be leaner, more focused, and no longer the voice of something like the AFA, but we think you’ll see a continuity. Phase two of the adventure is about to begin.


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Day of Remembrance for Alexander Rud Mills

This month we have set aside the 9th of July to honor Alexander Rud Mills. A pioneer of the modern reawakening of our ancestral ways. Alexander was born on July 15th, 1885 in Forth, Tasmania. Rud, as he preferred to be called, was the only boy out of 7 children. As a young man, he moved to Victoria Australia in order to attend law school and subsequently become a barrister, or lawyer. In the 1920’s Rud “found” Odinism and began to try to convert others to his new ideas. By the 1930s Rud had created “The Anglecyn Church of Odin” and by some accounts had upwards of 120 attendees to his regular Thursday night celebrations.

The onset of World War II had Rud advocating a non-aggression policy for Australia. His ideas were frowned upon by the government of Australia and Mills found himself incarcerated in a prison camp for roughly 7 months along with some of the other Odinists of the time. Mills was incarcerated without proof of any wrongdoing or participating in any nefarious goings-on.

Upon his release Mills sought to revive the Odinist movement in Australia, but many understood that a part of why he was interred was because of his “exotic” religious beliefs. A great many Christian pacifists and neutrality seekers were never bothered by the Australian government. His church of Odin did continue on, but in a much more secretive role and never quite attained the same stature it had once held.

Mills passed away on the 8th of April, 1964. He left behind him a legacy that would reverberate across time and space. Sometime after his passing Else Christensen would be inspired by his writings to found the Odinist Fellowship in Canada. Rud Mills’ writings are not always an easy read, comparing his thoughts to our understandings now is a tricky venture. We would do well to remember that what he was creating then and there was completely new, he couldn’t run down to a book store and grab the latest Odinism 101 book, there was no internet, there was only research and personal understanding. What Mills manifested there in Australia was the true beginning of our glorious revival, he gave to us a foundation to build upon.  All these years later look at what we have built, he would be amazed at how far we have come.

Hail Rud Mills!

Blaine Qualls
Gothar Coordinator,
Asatru Folk Assembly

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…While the Asatru only grows (1986)

from The Runestone: Fall 1986 #57

Editor – It’s not often that we get news of Asatru overseas, with the exception of occasional articles describing Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson’s efforts in Iceland. We were pleasantly surprised, then, when Jeff Redmond produced this translation from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet dated December 16, 1985 telling of organization in Sweden dedicated to our Gods and Goddesses!

Svensk Aftonbladet
December 16, 1985
by Bosse Schon

Atendency throughout the world is for mankind to seek alternatives to established religions. There are some hundred souls who believe in the old gods to be found in Sweden.

The rocksinger Pugh Rogefeldt has taught himself runic writing and has made an L.P. about the Aesir gods, “Hammarhjarta”.

Around the neck he always wears an amulet with Thor’s hammers, to give him strength and protect him against evil.

In an interview in Aftonbladet he related:

“I feel, myself, like the lost son. For my entire upbringing here I was exposed to Christian propaganda. We are born into the Swedish Church (the Lutheran State Church) whether we wish it or not. During school we get lessons on Christianity time and again. Then I was never interested in religion or history. Christianity was of course the Jewish history. It was when I first read about the Viking Age and Asatru that I became interested.”

Jonas Almquist in the rock group Ladrenunnan is a leader for the Asatru Guild, an association which wishes to get Asatru officially recognized as a religion.

On night he sat on an Uppsala mound, cut himself in the hand with a razor blade, and raised a cup of juice for Odin, Njord, and Bragi.

That was 1972, when four Icelanders got together and blew life into Asatru in Iceland. The year after, the government there acknowledged Asatru as a legitimate religion, soon uniting the cultures in Norway, Sweden, England, West Germany, and the U.S.A.

Arne Sjoberg is the chairman of the Asatru association, Breidarblikk Guild, which was established in 1975 and has 80 members.

In Harjedalen, Goteborg, and Vaxjo there are also established Asatru organizations.

“In the last mellenium we have been indoctrinated in a strange western Asiatic religion and culture, Christianity. Everyone has a right to his original religion,” says Sjoberg, who wishes that school children would get more lessons about the old Norse mythology in the schools.

In the autumn, Sjoberg officiated at his first old Nordic marriage in an ancient castle. With a ritual using Thor’s hammers, Sjoberg read some stanzas from the “Havamal” and ” Skirnismal”.

In Uppsala the Commune (county governmental body) plans to build a Viking settlement, including a heathen temple as a tourist attraction, something which gladdens the Asatruar who hope to get loan of the temple when they meet.

Lester Wikstrom of the committee tying together the Swedish Church and the Ecumenical Council says:

“The Church’s principal agreement is that every man has freedom of choice regarding which faith he will have. But the freedom has its limits. When they take up such features in Asatru as that of sacrificing children and the old, all have reason to protest”

Asatruar themselves say that they do not show any such tendencies.

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Land Update (1986)

from The Runestone: Spring 1986 #55

It’s only been a couple of months since we announced our determination to purchase land for the Asatru Free Assembly; the response from our readers has been very encouraging indeed. Right now we’re just over 20% of the way to our first goal of $5,ooo. It’s becoming quite clear that we’re going to succeed – the only question is when!

Of course, the $5,000 goal represents only the first hurdle. It should provide a minimal down payment on a hunk of unimproved land. After that we’ll have to struggle with monthly payments and with funds for roads, a hall, temple, shelters, power and other things we will have to add over the years. But we’re on the way thanks to you.

In related developments, we’ve located among our number an architectural draftsman who’s going to be bringing more of our concepts to life. (You’ll be seeing some of his material in future Runestones). Craftspeople of all sorts have generously donated pieces of their work for the auction at Althing Seven to benefit the Land Fund. Good things are happening!

Visions of just what we can do with this land, once acquired, continue to come in from people like yourselves. Some things, like shelters, temple sites, and meeting places are obvious. Others are less so. Some have suggested a store located off the premises that would sell goods produced by Asafolk. Others have proposed arrangements where selected outsiders could come to be introduced to our Gods. A place for training gothar, gythjur, and healers might be built. So could a youth camp – and of course a school. A library could be built to benefit all Asafolk, and a resource center might aid the production of books, pamphlets and audio and visual tapes. Certainly the opportunities for serving our Gods and our Folk will be many!

But all this lies in the future. It can begin happening in a year or two, if we all get behind it – or it can drag out for five years or more if the idea loses steam. We are off to a good start, but we need your help to make it. If you haven’t sent in a contribution, please consider doing so. This is the chance to take an active part in the ongoing history of a movement – a chance to give the Gods a place that they can be specially honored – a chance to serve our people. Let’s prove that Asafolk are doers, not just dreamers! If you send $15 or more, we will send you a carved reminder of our appreciation, bearing the special symbol of the project.

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Hvitr Folk of Brazil

Today it is my honor to announce The Hvitr Folk Kindred of Brazil as a official Kindred of the Asatru Folk Assembly.These folks have stepped to be a representative for our church in Brazil and to help bring others home and host local events.

Gaining Kindred recognition is not a easy thing, it takes dedication and loyalty and willingness to stand with our church and family.

All around Midgard our Folk are coming together and building communities and growing families.So there will be a future for them,for our Church.And we will have Hofs all over Midgard because of the dedication and generosity of our members.When everyone works together we create something bigger than us.This really is a exciting time to be alive!Meanwhile in outside world people continue to destroy things and we are building great things that will stand the test of time.Thank you for stepping up and taking on the responsibility and creating a home for the stragglers to come to.

Hail The Hvitr Folk!
Hail the Kindreds of the AFA!
Hail 25 years of the Asatru Folk Assembly!!!

Jason Gallagher 
Kindred Coordinator 
Asatru Folk Assembly 

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